Saturday, April 11, 2015

St. Patrick: 'Killing is not of Christ' Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy to Lead a Retreat, 'The Nonviolent Jesus: His Nonviolent Way of Love, ' April 17-18

       Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, an Eastern right Byzantine priest, is coming to Columbus to give a retreat entitled "The Nonviolent Jesus: His Nonviolent Way of Love'" on April 17 and 18, Friday and Saturday, at St. John Crysostom Catholic Church, 58582 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus Ohio.  Contact Samuel at (614) 286-0921 or
      He is the author of the multi-series tapes given to me by a former priest at Christ the King Church to be put to good use entitled, "Boldly Like God, Go Against the Swords."  He was also the one, according to my father, peace activist Tom Siemer, who completely "converted" the heart of a military chaplain over those who obliterated the entire cities of innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan during World War II.  That chaplain was Fr. George Zabelka, a very dear friend of my father's, who marched with him across Ohio in the early 80's for the Nuclear Freeze Movement (I will post a picture of my father and Fr. Zabelka when I find it!).
      The story goes that Rev. McCarthy explained how many modern wars were Christians killing Christians, which is detailed in another article on this site.  What is our mark that sets us apart in the world?  The only time in the entire New Testament that Jesus used the wording that this particular act will make you to specifically be called children of God is to love our enemies (at the personal, and country level).  The single most popular article on this site of nearly 30,000 viewers is a shortened repost of McCarthy's famous article written at the 25 anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., at the 45 anniversary.  It is called: "Christian Nonviolence (MLK): Rabbi Heschel Implored to Heed the Prophetic Voice of Dr. Martin Luther King."
      What a blessing to Columbus Catholics and others!  Thank You, Jesus!