Sunday, January 1, 2012

Solemnity of Mary Mother of God and Pope Benedict XVI Message

"Deep within his conscience, man discovers a law that he did not lay upon himself, but which he must obey.  Its voice calls him to love and to do what is good, to avoid evil and to take responsibility for the good he does and the evil he commits.  Thus, the exercise of freedom is intimately linked to the natural moral law, which is universal in character, expresses the dignity of every person and forms the basis of fundamental human rights and duties; in the final analysis, it forms the basis for just and peaceful coexistence. 
      The right use of freedom, then, is central  to the promotion of justice and peace, which require respect for oneself and others, including those whose way of being and living differs greatly from one's own."

     "Peace, however, is not merely a gift to be received: it is also a task to be undertaken..."

     "Peace for all is the fruit of justice for all, and no one can shirk this essential task of promoting justice, according to one's particular areas of competence and responsibility.  To the young, who have such a strong attachment to ideals, I extend a particular invitation to be patient and persevering in seeking justice and peace, in cultivating the taste for what is just and true, even when it involves sacrifice and swimming against the tide."

     "To all, and to young people in particular, I wish to say emphatically: 'It is not ideologies that save the world, but only a return to the living God, our Creator, the guarantor of our freedom, the guarantor of what is really good and true ... an unconditional return to God who is the measure of what is right and who at the same time is everlasting love.  And what could ever save us apart from love?' Love takes delight in truth, it is the force that enables us to make a commitment to truth, to justice, to peace, because it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things (cf. 1 Cor 13: 1-13)."