Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mary's Intercessory Prayers are Powerful

  THE LAMB CATHLIC WORKER, Columbus - Pray the Rosary daily and trust in Mother Mary's intercessory prayers to God on our country's behalf and on the world's behalf. Mary, please pray for our counry and our world (Mariam to the Muslim world).
       Think about it, her prayers are powerful for people of all religions.  Ask her for prayers for you too; she has a love and humility beyond this world.  It is beautiful that she visited Fatima, a city named after a famous Muslim woman (Mohammed's fourth daughter).
       What do you think Mary was thinking and praying as her son was brutally whipped, taunted, and made to carry the cross?  Could it have been:
        "My life may be in danger as well because of the hostility of the crowds, so I must stay back and hidden.  Look how they are treating him!  Please be with Him.  I am scared, so I can't even imagine how much my "little boy" is suffering... and what it will all lead to on top of the hill!"
        "Please, God, no, please ease his suffering."
        "Please, send someone to wipe His face, He can't see where He is walking, with the blood dripping into His eyes so heavily."
        "Please, he keeps falling and they keep whipping Him! He can't do it alone.  Please have someone HELP Him, or to stop whipping Him so much!  Or at least, for selfish reasons of the centurion, if He were to die too soon, change his heart to have someone else carry that huge cross for Him!  He is too weak, and He keeps trying and trying to get up again and carry it.  He can't do it. He's getting up again! He is just staggering along already.  Please, don't make Him have to carry it."
       "Please send someone to cry over Him instead of all these people screaming into His face, spitting on Him, throwing things at Him, and making fun of Him! Look how beaten down physically and emotionally He is!  Please God, let Him feel a hint of love in this crowd!!"
       "Please help me to be brave enough to step forward, even if they do take me and do the same.  I want to be by my son, at this horrible time in His life.  I want Him to feel my love right now, please make a way for me to!  Please give me the courage, as all His followers have scattered. He needs me right now!"

       As you can see, with Simon helping Jesus, Veronica wiping His face, the women and children crying for Him, and Mary letting Him feel oneness with His mother during this terrible time, Mary's intercession was powerful.  She is the great elbow-nudger in the sky, if we let her be!  Our Lady, Queen of the Americas, pray for us!  Our Lady of Guadalupe, pregnant one who protects the unborn (and just born), pray for us!  Our Lady Queen of Peace, pray for us!  We love and honor you as Jesus did.  Intercede for our children, our families, and even our enemies, as Jesus desires.