Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pray With Us The Chaplet Of The Heavenly Father For Nine Days

 THE LAMB CATHOLIC WORKER, Columbus - Please, we encourage all of you supporters to pray this fairly new chaplet for The Lamb Catholic Worker, for its people and its mission. This novena is to begin today and end on October 18th, the feast of St. Luke. Our special intention is for God's Will to be done, nothing more and nothing less.  We ask that He take the next bold and loving step for the Lamb Catholic Worker, according to His Will. It begins with the sign of the Cross, then the Apostle's Creed, three Hail Mary's and a Glory Be.  The ten "Hail Mary" beads are: Father, everything is possible for You!  Thank You Father!  After each decade is the "Hail Holy Queen" with five Glory Be's for the five wounds of Jesus.  There are other prayers but this is the basic structure.  Monica prayed it with Msgr. Mottet in his hospital room the night before his pacemaker surgery very recently.  He loves this chaplet from Croatia!  Thanks so much.
      To order a pamphlet from the publisher call: (416) 748-8559.  We want to wish a heartfelt thank you to Pope Benedict Emeritus for his assured prayers for us!    This Lamb CW site has reached, by the grace of God, over 13,000 viewers.