Sunday, March 30, 2014

Join the Franciscan Brothers Minor in Their Talk on Living the Life of Poverty, April 5

     Come join us on April 5th at The Lamb Catholic Worker, 531 Brookside Drive, for a humble dinner and talk on "Living the Life of Poverty" given by the Franciscan Brothers Minor.  RSVP for planning, please.  Reservations are not required though, and dinner will be at 5:30, not 5:00 - correction from "Happenings" in the Catholic Times.  Brother Chrispin will lead the talk on "Living the Life of Poverty."
      Also, celebrate with us our new ministry of lunches for family breadwinners who live in the two major East side trailor parks.  Sr. Nary of the Missionary Servants of the Word gives Bible studies in both parks, and now she has something else to offer as well, along with us.  Our hope is to go to most of these Bible studies to learn Spanish and to get to know the Hispanic communities in these.  Hopefully this trust and relationship will flower and we will have communication available for those being battered and abused, if this happens.  If you would like to help or donate just email us at:  Celebrate with us over 19,000 viewers on this site.  All of you, please pray for us!

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