Saturday, May 2, 2015

LCW Spring 2015 Newsletter

 The Lamb Catholic Worker
Spring 2015 Newsletter

       The greatest news we have, that should be proclaimed from the rooftops, is that in March Pope Francis declared a year of Jubilee coming, beginning this year on December 8, 2015, instead of at the traditional 25-year mark (2025), calling for a Holy Year of Mercy. It is of no surprise though, from the pontiff of great mercy, love, and humility.
Blessed Pope John Paul II opening the Holy Door
 (which is opened for the Jubilee year alone, the door to the right of the
 main doors at St. Peter Basilica) Christmas Eve 1999
       We recently celebrated the feast of Divine Mercy on the Sunday following Easter, instituted by Blessed Pope John Paul II at the inspiration of St. Faustina. This amazing feast day is an entire day of pilgrimage and of atonement for our sins and the sins of the whole world.  We Catholics pray fervently, typically all in the same day - with mass, confession, Eucharistic Adoration silence, the rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and singing - all calling down God's mercy upon everyone everywhere, especially those who need it the most. And Jesus, who said that from now on, we not only cannot kill, if we even grow angry at another we will be liable for judgment, so great is His mercy and modeling, shows us how critical it is to not harbor anger and hostility toward another person.  It is such an exquisite event that Pope Francis has announced to continue this theme of an outpouring from God and from Christ-followers, of genuine mercy to all, and raise it to a level of Jubilee!  Thank you, Dear Papa!  
        Another smaller miraculous movement of the Holy Spirit happened recently when attempting to announce online a retreat given by Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, a world renowned spiritual leader especially in the area of Christ's nonviolent modeling and way in the world.  A quote from St. Patrick was used on this LCW site, "Killing is not of Christ," which had nothing to do with the retreat specifically, since it had not taken place.  There was no knowledge that he would even use this quote at all, which put into question using it.  Well, at the retreat the only gift given to all the retreatants was an icon picture of St. Patrick with this quote!  The picture below is the holy card given.
On Back:  Violence is not the Christian Way,
violence is not the Holy Way,
violence is not the Apostolic Way,
violence is not the Way of the Gospels,
violence is not the Way of Jesus.
Saint Patrick,
Pray for us.
     Some of the most powerful words of Rev. Charles McCarthy:
  • ... Jesus has to tell us how to live among evil and death and to conquer it.  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God, ... all things were made through him... the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.  God incarnate becomes one of us and lives among us to tell us how to live, how to reach eternal live, ... Not just for ourselves but for everybody
  • Why do you say that "Jesus is the way?"  Because Jesus said it!  "I am THEEEE way ..." Jesus is the Son of God [not the relativism of various religions, "prophets," etc, but He alone is God's Son]
  • Jesus' words and His deeds cannot be separated from His person.  They are INSEPARABLE. His actions are the same as His person and deserve exactly the same level of adherence as His person and His words
  • If Jesus calls God, "Abba," then that is what God is, not something else.  Nothing can be truer than the Word of Truth.  Jesus is not only the Word Incarnate, but Truth Incarnate
  • The only time in Jesus' words that He uses the emphasis that this particular act will PROVE, or be the proof or mark, that you indeed are children of the heavenly Father is if you love your enemies. This will call you children of God, as opposed to children of this god or that god of various beliefs.  It is what singles us out in the world as different. We must be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect, who makes his sun and rain shine on the good and bad alike
  • Jesus said that if you want to get it right, to live in Truth, it is summarized as Jesus said it is summarized:  Love God with your whole heart, your whole soul, your whole mind and your whole strength and to love your neighbor as yourself - neighbor being everyone outside of oneself
Rev. Charles Emmanuel McCarthy Retreat on the nonviolent
love and modeling of Jesus

"Jesus' words and actions are inseparable, with the same
 expectations of adherence"


     There is no real news to tell at this time, besides the live liver donor surgery coming June 9.  Monica is giving up to 69% of her liver to a needy relative in end stages liver disease.  She will offer any discomfort or pain associated with this for God, the Harvest-master, to send workers in the field, willing to embrace voluntary poverty and live in community in the Catholic Worker tradition of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin.  She also offers it up for purification of the Catholic Worker Movement, of houses and communities, and for the canonization of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin together.
     God-willing, once she heals, she will begin taking in battered women and children of foreign descent into her home, beginning on a small scale.  The plea is out for more workers in the field, dedicated to the mission and vision of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin.
     We are still seeking donations to obtain the properties for this 3-house Catholic Worker model, with abandoned city lots in between for city gardening.  Happy feast day of St. Joseph the Worker yesterday, the patron of the Catholic Worker! Mother Mary, St. Joseph, Dorothy Day, and Peter Maurin, please pray for us!